A2 vs A1

Save your children from A1 milk contamination

A1 milk which is procured from Jersey/HF breed cows contains A1 Beta-Casein protein; when this hits small intestine BCM-7 is produced. The BCM-7 (BETA CASOMORPHIN-7) can be absorbed by the system, producing intolerance systems, indigestion, causes autism, schizophrenia, type1 diabetes and more.
A2 milk

A2 Beta Casein Protein

A2 milk is becoming increasingly popular due to its potential health benefits compared to A1 milk. Unlike A1 milk, it contains the A2 beta-casein protein gene which does not break down into morphine like BCM7 when digested and therefore does not cause any digestive or allergy issues for those who are sensitive to dairy products.


  • Cows have a natural production process, producing 3-9 liters only
  • Cows first feed Claves, and then milked
  • No use of growth hormones injections & antibiotics on cows
  • Cows have hump on the back which absorbs vitamin D
  • This is structurally closest to human milk, and naturally easy to digest
  • Cows, Bulls and Calves grow together as a family
  • Has Omega 3 that cleans cholesterol disposition and cerebrosides which increases brain power
  • Easy to digest and cures irritable bowl syndrome
A1 milk

A1 Beta Casein Protein

A1 milk is the most common type of milk available in supermarkets and grocery stores. It is produced by European Cows with the A1 beta-casein protein gene. This type of protein breaks down into morphine (BCM7) which causes many complications such as Type 1 diabetes, Digestive Issues, IBS etc. Unfortunately, many farmers in India have long shifted to European breeds completely ignoring our native breeds


  • Cows are Genetically mutated to produce 15-20 liters of milk everyday
  • Cows are kept in unnatural and highly stressful conditions
  • Cows are given high dosage of hormone injections, antibiotics and GMOs to stay productive
  • Cows have no hump to store vitamin D
  • Mostly people are A1 protein intolerant; and not lactose intolerant
  • Cows are treated as Milk making machines
  • Cows is low on nutritive value
  • A1 Milk causes Bloating, ulcers, and gases