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Farmers play a vital role in the Company's supply chain, not only as suppliers of the precious milk source for the Company's products but also as stewards of the environment and as vital contributors to local communities. In addition, the humane treatment of cows is of the utmost importance. The Company is committed to working with and supporting farmers to enable them to improve the impact on the environment.

Pure Bread Indian Gir Cows

The Gir is well known cattle breed and famous for its best potential for milk production. .

Cows are milked with Hands.

Milking is done either by stripping or by full hand method.

Delivered in Eco-Friendly Glass Bottles

Eco-friendly milk bottles are made from materials that have a lower environmental impact compared to traditional plastic bottles. They are ...

Chemical free and Natural Fodder

The fodder is homegrown on our chemical-free soils without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers

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Some benefits of A2 milk

A2 milk has lower levels of lactose than Al milk. Lactose intolerant people don't face gastrointestinal discomfort from A2 milk as in the case of Al
It is a high-calcium food that aids in strengthening bones in children and adults.
A2 milk has many nutrients like vitamin A, D, B12, phosphorus, potassium, and proteins.
No growth hormones or medicines are injected to the cows to boost milk production.


Dairy Farm Matters To The Future.

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